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Mark Byelich & Paul Murray Featured on The Money Tree Podcast

Mark Byelich and Paul Murray from Wealth & Advisory Associates look at saving and investing as three buckets:

  • Taxable buckets include checking accounts, stocks and bonds outside of retirement accounts
  • Retirement buckets include 401(k), IRAs, 403(b) plans
  • Tax-free buckets include Roth IRAs, Roth 401(k)s, and cash value of life insurance policies

They say the best and most advantageous bucket is the tax-free bucket.

Mark and Paul share their thoughts on why the tax-free bucket is the best and most advantageous bucket which led to an interesting discussion with the panel about:

  • Can you live a lifestyle and pay no tax?
  • Is permanent life insurance a good tax savings vehicle?
  • What tax strategy is most commonly overlooked or underutilized?

Listen to learn how to make decisions on taxation today that will effect your overall withdrawal strategy in your future.