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Paul Murray Quoted in U.S. News Article About Happy vs. Unhappy Retirees

Some retirees are happy, while others are downright miserable. According to financial planners, what separates the happy retirees from the unhappy ones comes down to getting a few things right in pre-retirement planning. Financial advisors say happily retired clients are financially stable and have properly thought out and planned their retirement. Here’s what differentiates the happiest retirees. Paul ... Read More


Mark Byelich Discusses College Tuition Strategies – Lehigh Valley Business

As college tuition continues to rise, some employers are taking steps to help employees fund cover the cost by paying part or all of it. Area colleges and universities, meanwhile, have been looking for ways to offset the high cost.  According to The College Board, the cost of tuition has been rising more quickly than ... Read More


Mark Byelich Quoted In US News About Retiring Early

Retiring Early? Don’t Forget To Do These Things… Many people dream of retiring early and kicking that 9-to-5 job to the curb. For some people, that might mean retiring while in their mid-50s or early 60s. Early retirement gives you more time for golf, traveling or friends and family. But there might be a few unexpected ... Read More


CNBC: Mark Byelich Quoted “How To Avoid Becoming A Human ATM”

Anyone who’s ever had family or friends ask to borrow money knows it can be a tricky situation to navigate.  Saying no can be easy if you’re struggling to cover your own expenses. Yet for those who can afford to part with the money, knowing how to set boundaries can be challenging. Read the full ... Read More


Mark Byelich & Paul Murray Featured on The Money Tree Podcast

Mark Byelich and Paul Murray from Wealth & Advisory Associates look at saving and investing as three buckets: Taxable buckets include checking accounts, stocks and bonds outside of retirement accounts Retirement buckets include 401(k), IRAs, 403(b) plans Tax-free buckets include Roth IRAs, Roth 401(k)s, and cash value of life insurance policies They say the best ... Read More


The Coming Tax Freight Train of Higher Taxes

The inevitability of higher taxes in the future has often been likened to an oncoming freight train.  Why?  Because Americans who do their retirement savings in tax-deferred investment accounts such as IRAs in 401(k)s, find themselves sitting on the train tracks with a very real tax freight train bearing down on them. Some experts such ... Read More


CBO Director: Important to give Advance Warning about Coming Changes to Social Security

Politicians don’t like to discuss it much but policy wonks in Washington are finding it harder and harder to ignore: The federal government has made promises with regards to Social Security that it can’t afford to keep. Keeping Social Security alive is going to require some very tough decisions in the coming years. These will ... Read More


Do Roth Conversions satisfy Required Minimum Distributions?

As the likelihood of higher tax rates increases, many proactive investors are looking to the Roth Conversion as a way to protect their retirement assets. As they do so, one question sometimes arises: Does the amount that you convert to a Roth IRA count towards the Required Minimum Distribution? The short answer is no. Let ... Read More